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Traveling During the Covid19 Pandemic Saint Lucia

Travel & tourism account for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide. 🌎 I am that 1 out of 10. 🙋🏼‍♀️

I do know that ALOT of people are facing work challenges at the moment, especially small businesses.

In March, the travel/tourism industry came to a screeching halt. Borders closed, planes stopped flying, cruises were cancelled. I have spent the last 7 months unraveling people’s travel dreams, destination weddings, honeymoons, high school graduation trips, college graduation trips, family trips 2 years in the makings, milestone birthday and anniversary trips💔. 

While of course it’s not life or death~there has been a lot of loss. There is some hope on the horizon❤️. 

Mexico has started welcoming visitors; Jamaica is welcoming visitors; Aruba is welcoming visitors; Saint Lucia is welcoming visitors, Dominican Republic is welcoming visitors. 

I am starting to re-book travel✈️ . Safely protocols and plans are being put in place👐.

I am traveling to Saint Lucia this week to learn about these protocols. While the travel experience looks a little different it has been an awesome experience so far!!

✈️Delta Airlines ✈️ is AMAZING!!!

✅ Middle seats all blocked for social distancing

✅Given a wipe and hand sanitizer when entering the aircraft

✅EVERYONE is to wear masks 😷

✅Boarding from rear of the plane

✅Given an individual bag with small water, snack and additional hand sanitizer

Saint Lucia arrival

✅Hands sanitized as you get off aircraft

✅Temperature taken as you get off aircraft

✅Forms filled out if you have any any symptoms or contact with anyone with symptoms

✅Suitcases sanitized

✅Questioned on any symptoms by customs

Hotel Transfers🚖

✅Suitcase again sprayed down with sanitizer spray

✅Hands sanitized

✅Masks worn by myself and driver

✅Hand sanitizer again when you are dropped off at the resort

At the resort🏝

✅Temperature taken

✅Shoes sanitized

✅Bags sanitized

✅Staff is sanitized when they arrive at work-and I’m not joking!!!

✅Uniforms cannot go home-stay at work

✅All staff in PPG

✅Staff temp taken before work and after

✅Glass shields between customers and staff at check it

✅Menus scanned into your phone via code

✅Social distancing in place-beach chairs, bar stools, tables all 6 feet apart.

Now why would one go through all this you may ask? Someone has to be first. Has it been worth it? Absolutely! Will people travel again? 100% Will travel look a bit different? Heck yeah!!

When you are ready to travel again, I am here for you✈️🏝🧉!

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